SIS Secret Intelligence Service MI6 - SKYFALL - British Monarchy Royal Family Identity Theft Affair

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case - Largest Organised Criminal Conspiracy and Corruption Case - $ One Billion Dollars
$ Embezzlement of Funds Criminal Liquidation of Assets on a World Wide basis

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

SIS Secret Intelligence Service MI6 * "The True Story Behind The Myth" - HM MINISTRY OF DEFENCE = NAME*SWITCH = FARNBOROUGH AEROSPACE CORPORATION TRUST Firearms Discharges Weapons Attacks "Forensics Files" - CHURCH OF ENGLAND ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY JUSTIN WELBY Forged Birth Certificate "Sealed Records" - THE ROYAL ARCHIVES "THE ROUND TOWER" WINDSOR CASTLE Gerald Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower "Sealed Records" - HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II HEAD OF STATE "SOVEREIGN POWERS" - HRH THE PRINCESS MARINA DUCHESS OF KENT ESTATE = "SKYFALL" = GERALD 6TH DUKE OF SUTHERLAND TRUST + CARROLL FOUNDATION TRUST - British Monarchy Royal Family Most Famous Corporate Identity Theft Liquidation Affair in History

Scotland Yard is known to be deeply involved = SECURE LOCKDOWN PERIMETER = Gerald Carroll Primary Victim In-Concert The Metropolitan Police Service CO-19 Division - HM Crown Ministry of Defence Gerald Carroll State Papers and UK Government Security Services Classified Documents "Directly Linked" Firearms Discharges Weapons Attacks Ongoing Threats to Kill.

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